Credit Card or E-check

Pay your bill now by E-check (fee $1.50) or Credit Card 2.95% ($3.00 minimum fee up to a transaction value of $122.66). Clicking on this link will direct you to the secure website of Municipay, the third party servicer.
You will need your parcel number, item number/bill number and total tax being paid - NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS are accepted.  If you are unsure of the total amount due, please contact me for correct amount.  If you have any questions regarding the Municipay site, please call me for instructions.  You will see two transactions on your credit card statement, one showing payment of your taxes to me, the other will be the fee to Municipay.  

**Tax Payments can not be paid after the Final Due Date. Please feel free to contact me to verify payment details before making a payment.

If you are paying your real estate tax for Milford or Trumbauersville it is the top option - the bottom options are for school tax bills only!!!  Please make sure you click the correct option!!!  If unsure, please call my office before proceeding.  Please do not combine a payment for Milford with a payment due to Trumbauersville.